General FAQ

This FAQ page answers some of the more commonly asked questions from the Yummy Profit community.

What is Yummy Profit?

Yummy Profit is indicator alerts, trading signals & market scanner App.

How does Yummy Profit work?

The application will issue a signal as soon as the condition of the technical indicator matches the condition of the market.

How to trade with Yummy Profit?

As soon as you receive the ALERT, you need to PREDICT the next price trend and CONFIRM the perfect entry point. Plan the best trade including: entry point, take profit level, stop loss level.

There are many ways to use Yummy Profit in your trading, and they all depend on your trading style.

Does yummy profit app give buy, sell signals?

No, we do not offer buy or sell advice. We only give signals according to the bullish or bearish trend of the market.

How to choose the best indicator for trading strategy?

No indicator is the best, only the one that suits each person's trading style.

Each indicator has different advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, study each indicator carefully to use them together to create a strategy that suits your trading style.

Learn what indicators are and why you would choose one indicator instead of another?

How many indicators should be combined to form an effective trading strategy?

Focus on two or three indicators and learn their intricacies inside and out. Never choose indicators that generate the same signals. Always choose indicators that complement each other.

Does the Yummy Profit app integrate strategies that combine different indicators?

Yes, we are always working to come up with more combinations of indicators. Giving you many options to suit your trading style.

For any ideas and suggestions related to the functionality of the Yummy Profit, do not hesitate to contact us.

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