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As a premium user, what features do I get?

For premium users, you can use all the features available on the yummy profit app, including:

  • User gets access to up to 30, 60 and 100 alert channels.

  • Users can edit the configuration of technical indicators and trading strategy. For example, for the RSI indicator, the user can edit the RSI length, edit the default alert thresholds of 30 and 70.

  • Users can use alerts via 4 channels: mobile notification, Email, SMS and telegram.

  • Users can use the "Market Scanner" feature to scan the market with all timeframes including: M15, M30, H1, H2, H4, H6, H12, D1.

  • Users can use the "Indicator analysis Metric" feature to view the entire market trend report results and report details of each technical indicator with all timeframes including: M15, M30, H1, H2, H4 , H6, H12, D1.

  • Support 24/7.

  • No Ads.

How many service packs? How much does each service cost?

Yummy Profit app offers many diverse service packages to suit the needs of each trader, including:



6 months


Pack of 30 alerts


$54.99 (Save 10%)

$96.99 (Save 20%)

Payment instructions: At the [setting] screen, select "go premium" and access [Go Premium] screen to choose a service plan and pay through the payment gateway of Google or Apple.

How do I use more than 30 alerts?

Besides the default package of 30 alerts, you can upgrade to use more alerts including 60 and 100 alerts. To upgrade, you need to pay through in-app coins.



6 months


Pack of 30 alerts

1000 coins

6000 coins

12000 coins

Pack of 60 alerts

1800 coins (Save 10%)

9600 coins (Save 20%)

16800 coins (Save 30%)

Pack of 100 alerts

2500 coins (Save 25%)

12000 coins (Save 40%)

20000 coins (Save 50%)

Do I have to pay fees to use other services such as: Email, Telegram, SMS alert, ...?

No, you do not have to pay any other fees, just upgrade your Go Premium account to be able to use all these features.

for SMS alerts service, we need to charge a fee per SMS, this fee is used to pay for 3rd party services.

What is in-app coin? How to buy coins in the app?

In-app coins are used for a number of purposes such as paying for in-app services, receiving rewards, and some other services. 1$ is equal to 100 coins.

Coin prices are as follows:

  • 1000 coins for $9.99

  • 6000 coins for $54.99

  • 12000 coins for $96.99

Can I pay through another gateway like Crypto or paypal?

Yes, you can pay through crypto portal or paypal. Please contact admin for payment assistance.

Admin contact:

Note: Admin never actively message first. Pay attention to avoid being scammed.

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