Telegram alert

Telegram is a popular, accessible and very convenient application for managing messages and alerts. Therefore, Yummy Profit has integrated telegram into the application, making it easy for traders to install and experience on the application to get alerts or signals via your telegram channel.

1. How to set up receive alerts via telegram?

  • Open the Yummy Profit App and go to [Setting] - [Send telegram alerts]

  • Enter information in the fields: [Telegram group/channel link], [API Token], [Chat ID]. And click to Update Button.

  • Open the telegram app and open your profile, choose [Edit] - [Invite Links], click to [Share Link].

3. How to get API token & Chat ID?

Step 1: Create a new telegram bot and get API token

  • In the search box of the telegram application, enter "botfather"

  • In the chat box with botfather, enter /newbot to start creating a new bot.

  • Next, enter a name for your bot. Example: YummyProfit_Bot

  • Next, enter a username for your bot (must end in "bot"). Example: yummyprofitbot

  • Once done, you will get API token as shown, please save this.

Step 2: Add bots to your group

  • Select the telegram group to which you need to add the bot. Select "Add", enter the username of the bot you just created here.

Step 3: Get chat ID

  • Invite @RawDataBot to your group.

  • Upon joining it will output a JSON file where your Chat ID will be located at Example: -1001365360247

  • NOTE: Be sure to kick @RawDataBot from your group afterwards.

4. How can I check the signal sent via telegram is successful or not?

  • On the “Send telegram” screen, please choose “SEND TEST ALERT”.

If your telegram channel receives the alert successfully, the yummy profit app screen will show the message "Test message sent successfully!", and your telegram channel will also receive message: "Yummy Profit test message"

5. How can I enable or disable the alert of any indicator sent to telegram channel?

You have 2 ways to enable or disable an indicator alerts:

  • Way 1: On the “Send telegram” screen, please choose “List of indicators”. In this screen, you can manage to enable or disable each indicator alert according to your needs.

  • Way 2: At the settings screen of each indicator, you have the option to enable or disable sending signals to your telegram channel.

6. Will there be any fees for using telegram alerts?

As long as your account is upgraded to "Go Premium", you can use this feature at no additional cost.

However, for telegram groups with a large number of members, it is necessary to contact the Yummy Profit team for further agreements.

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