Yummy Profit Wiki

Quick start

This page summarizes all the essentials you will need to know to start. Here you can find all best practices and tips to set up your indicator alerts on Yummy Profit app.

Watchlist Screen

The watchlist screen, whose main purpose is to display your favorite trading pairs, makes it possible to quickly monitor parameters such as price and market trends (strong buy, buy, neutral, sell, strong sell).
Here, you can click on the card to track the detailed information of trading pair including: list of indicators/strategies, notification history, and technical analytics.

The components in the watchlist screen are as follows:

  • The trading pair card show prices and market trends [5]; In there, you see the number of indicator alerts [4] that you are using.
  • Choose a timeframe analytics [3] to see the market trend in M15, M30, H1, H4, and D1 timeframes.
  • Balance [1] show the number of coins in your account.
  • Indicator Scanner [2] scan the entire market based on your favorite indicator and trading pairs
  • Add Pair [8] button allows adding your favorite trading pairs in cryptocurrency, forex, commodities, stocks or indices market.
  • Edit [7] button allows deleting or changing the color of the card.
  • The total number of indicator alerts you are using on the total alerts [6].
Tips: You can arrange the card by pressing, holding and moving according to your desired position on the screen.
Tips: You can change the card color by clicking the [edit] button; Then, clicking the [change color] button, select the color you want to change the card.

Alert Screen

The alert screen display all indicators and trading strategies available in yummy profit app; And categorized under tabs include: All, your favorite, unlocked, strategy, price action, trend following, momentum, volatility. You can choose the right indicator or strategy to create an alert.

Setting Screen

The settings screen will allow you to configure the account in general, change the password, coin balance, set up to receive alerts in email, telegram and SMS channels, and some other personal settings information.
You have already overview some of the yummy profit app screens, continue to explore each features in the next articles and tutorials.