Indicator Market Scanner

What is Market Scanner?

Market scanner is a monitoring tool that filters technical indicator signal results according to all the trading pairs you are following. It will help you keep track of dozens of trading pairs you are interested in without having to open all the background charts of those trading pairs.

How does Market Scanner work?

Just select the technical indicator condition and time frame you want to scan at the "Indicator Scanner" screen; The system will automatically scan all the trading pairs you are interested and display the results according to that technical indicator signal in the last 20 candles.

Steps to use the market scanner

Step 1: At watchlist screen, add the trading pairs you want to scan .

Step 2: At watchlish screen, click to the [Indicator Scanner], located in the upper right corner of the screen

Step 3: At the Indicator Scanner screen, select the technical indicator condition and the timeframe you want to scan.

List of market scanning conditions

  • RSI: overbought and oversold

  • Stochastic RSI: overbought and oversold

  • Commodity Channel Index (CCI): overbought and oversold

  • Super trend: The price crosses the ATR Stop line

  • Ichimoku: The price crosses Ichimoku cloud

  • Ichimoku: The price crosses the base line

  • Ichimoku: The conversion line crosses the base line

  • The ichimoku change color

  • The MACD line crosses the signal line

  • The MACD line crosses the zero line

  • The price crosses the MA(89)

  • The MA(9) crosses the MA(26)

  • The price crosses the EMA(89)

  • The EMA(12) crosses the EMA(89)

  • The price crosses the EMA(10)

  • The price crosses the EMA(20)

  • The price crosses the EMA(30)

  • The price crosses the EMA(50)

  • The price crosses the EMA(100)

  • The price crosses the EMA(200)

  • The price crosses the MA(10)

  • The price crosses the MA(20)

  • The price crosses the MA(30)

  • The price crosses the MA(50)

  • The price crosses the MA(100)

  • The price crosses the MA(200)

  • MACD Histogram Divergences

  • RSI Divergences

  • Stochastic RSI divergences

Do I need to upgrade my premium account to use this feature?

Yes, you need to upgrade Premium account to use this feature fully with all timeframes including: M15, M30, H1, H2, H4, H6, H12, D1. However, for free users, you can use this tool for the M15 timeframe.

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