MACD divergences

Indicator config

  • Fash length: 12

  • Slow length: 26

  • MACD Divergences Type. You can choose 1 of 3 types of divergence signals including:

    • MACD line divergences

    • MACD Signal line divergences

    • MACD histogram divergences

Tradingview Script

Here is a script that synthesizes divergence signals from the MACD indicator, including 3 options: - MACD divegence - MACD signal divergence - MACD histogram divergence

Settings: Basically, you only need to care about 2 parameters:

  • MACD Source: There are 3 options: macdLine, signLine and histLine.

  • Lookback Level For Divs: Number of previously adjacent peak.

  • Other parameters

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