Yummy Wiki

Email alert

How to set up receive alerts via Email?

  • Open the Yummy Profit App and go to [Setting] - [Send email alerts].
  • Enter your email address.
  • Click to [SEND TEST EMAIL] to check if the App sent the correct email.
  • Click to [Subscribe] Button to start receiving Email alerts.
Note: Using the email alert service, you need to pay 300 coins/month.

How to enable or disable indicator alerts sent to Email?

You have 2 ways to enable or disable an indicator for Email alerts:
  • Way 1: On the “Send SMS” screen, please choose [List of indicators] button. In this screen, you can manage to enable or disable each indicator alert according to your needs.
NOTE: In case you do not want to receive SMS alert and cancel the service, please select "disable all" button on the "List of indicators" screen.
  • Way 2: At the settings screen of each indicator, you have the option to enable or disable sending signals to your telegram channel.

How to cancel the email alert service?

  • Go to [Setting] - [Send email alerts]; And click to [unsubscribe] button.
Note: If you want to automatically renew your email alert service after the next 30 days, you can [subscribe] again.