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SMS alert

Receive indicator alerts via SMS anytime and anywhere, even when your device is not connected to the internet.

How to set up receive alerts via SMS?

  • Open the Yummy Profit App and go to [Setting] - [Send SMS alerts].
  • Select the country code and enter the phone number you want to receive alerts.
  • Click to "SEND TEST SMS" to check if the App sent the correct phone number.
If you receive SMS alert successfully, the yummy profit app screen will show the message "Test message sent successfully!", and message inbox in your phone will also receive: "Yummy Profit test SMS"
  • Click to Update Button to start receiving SMS alerts.
Send SMS alerts
Select the country code and enter the phone number
NOTE: Pay as you go SMS pricing will depend on the different countries.
Select the country code

How to enable or disable indicator alerts sent to SMS?

You have 2 ways to enable or disable an indicator for SMS alerts:
  • Way 1: On the “Send SMS” screen, please choose “List of indicators”. In this screen, you can manage to enable or disable each indicator alert according to your needs.
NOTE: In case you do not want to receive SMS alert and cancel the service, please select "disable all" button on the "List of indicators" screen.
  • Way 2: At the settings screen of each indicator, you have the option to enable or disable sending signals to your telegram channel.